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 Short Courses on Methods in Drug Discovery:

  • Fluorescence Assays
  • Label-Free Assays
  • Enzyme & Binding Assays


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Fluorometric Analytical Methods

Short Courses on Fluorometric Methods

Short Courses on Enzyme and Binding Assays

Short Courses on Label-Free Assays <NEW>

Bioanalytical Applications

Drug Discovery

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 John C. Owicki, Ph.D.

I am an independent consultant with an unusual combination of practical industrial experience and fundamental scientific knowledge to handle your technical problems, particularly those that involve complex interactions among biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.    Analytical technologies for drug discovery are a special area of expertise. 

I also deliver very popular short courses on methods in drug discovery: fluorometric assays, label-free assays, and enzyme & binding assays.  See the "Short Courses" web page for more details about public courses as well as private presentations worldwide.

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