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 The four greatest strengths that I bring to bear on technical problems are:

    A broad background in the fundamental science that underlies bioanalytical methods.

    Broad experience with bioanalytical research and development in industry, including the appreciation of business issues that comes from having been an executive at a publically traded company (V.P. of Research at LJL BioSystems, Inc.).

    The ability to work effectively on highly interdisciplinary problems, where it is necessary to understand biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

    The ability to explain complicated technical issues clearly, both orally and in writing.


Some of the areas in which I've consulted are:

    Development of fluorometric instruments for high-throughput screening.

    Methods of data analysis in bioanalytical assays.

    Intermolecular interactions in nanotechnology.

    Microfluidic systems.

    Assay development and debugging.

    Cellular assays with novel detection methods (e.g., biosensors).

    Quality-control methods and software for instrument manufacturing.

    Computer simulation of complex bioanalytical systems.

    Grant writing and review.

    Technological due diligence for acquisitions.


Two more comments to clarify the way my expertise is best used:

    Although I often consult with Marketing executives as well as those from other non-technological areas, I'm most effective when the issues that I'm working on are firmly grounded in technology.

    Note that I have done a fair amount of software development.  I'm not a professional programmer, though, and I have not written software for resale.  Rather, I have written some fairly sophisticated scientific programs to help my clients understand the behavior of the complex systems that they are developing.  

I've been consulting full time since 1999.  Prior to that (as is described more fully on the Personal Info page) I spent twelve years with Silicon Valley companies that produce bioanalytical instruments and reagents.  Before entering industry, I was a (tenured) Associate Professor of Biophysics at the University of California, Berkeley.


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